[seoul] mexican is always a good idea – dos tacos

i’m one of those people who won’t mind having mexican 3 meals a day for.. many many days. i literally go on a hunt for mexican restaurants in town wherever i am.

with about 15 branches around the country dos tacos has pretty much made a name for themselves.

it can be rather unnoticed as it is tucked away at the back of dunkin donuts next to seongkyunkwan-ro but it’s not at all hard to find.

IMG_8691 copy IMG_8687 copy IMG_8697 copy

i was surprised by their well executed korean-ized mexican burritos and quesadillas coupled with very affordable price. they have open kitchen and claim not to use any frozen ingredients – which is a plus for anyone looking for a slightly-healthy-unhealthy-food… if you know what i mean.

IMG_8696 copy

pork rice burrito.

IMG_8694 copy

shrimp quesadillas.

IMG_8695 copy

shrimp rice burrito.

it was our first visit to dos tacos and we. fell. in. love. and hated ourselves for not trying it out earlier. the portion was good and the flavour was to the point. what can i say.. i love me some good mexican!

IMG_8692 copy IMG_8688 copy

highly highly recommend dos tacos for a quick mexican fix. to be frank, i didn’t expect much of this place being a huge franchise and all (hence the delay in trying it out) but i gotta say i was pretty impressed!

check out the menu here and please do share with me some of your favourite mexican restaurants in seoul!



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