sib’s favourite shisha bars in bangkok

recently thailand’s been going through some major changes that many foreigners and locals alike aren’t so happy about.

first it was the visa crackdown where many foreigners who used to stay in thailand for years with tourist visas via ‘visa-runs’ weren’t allowed to do that anymore and required to obtain legit visas if they wanted to stay in the country long term.

and if you think that was a major blow for many in thailand you haven’t heard the worse.. which is the crackdown of shisha bars in bangkok! say wuuut! shisha, hookah, water pipe, narghile or whatever you want to call it – has gained its popularity over the years and many restaurants and bars have opened up recently mainly for the sale of shisha. and the officials thought why, we’ve been totally okay with it for decades but i guess it’s about time we crackdown on these newly opened businesses – JUST BECAUSE.

you might wonder what’s the point of sharing this if the sale’s been banned? yeah, i’m not so sure too. maybe with a hope that it’s not yet enforced and some people might actually have the chance to try these awesome shisha bars? i don’t know. but i’ve been putting together this post for months now and was waiting till i accumulate several more on the list so i can give more variety but screw that i’m just gonna go ahead.

1. myst

known for their rainbow shots, myst is one of the newest laid-back-yet-still-sophisticated kind of shisha bar in thonglor. check out the names of their cocktails though. UMMM…

2. glam

known for their glowing shisha and the ice tip – definitely offers the best shisha experience in town in my opinion. that ice tip is definitely something. oh and that corona stuck upside down drink? it was sooo sweet and refreshing and beer was nowhere to be tasted. just how i like it.

3. nadimos

away from thonglor and a little tuned down from the first two, nadimos has more of a laid back family restaurant kind of vibe. not only is the shisha great, their lebanese food is a must-try! it’s one of those places you can walk in with whatever you had on at home and you won’t stand out (too much).

i can’t say much regarding the health concerns because honestly, i don’t know. some say it’s not good for your health and some say it’s not bad at all. the thing is if done moderately it shouldn’t be too bad, right? it’s become a thing for many people, including myself, who don’t like drinking and don’t smoke, to unwind, catch up and relax with friends.

i think it’s stupid. many people will go out of business or have their business license revoked if caught selling shisha. and what am i gonna do on a night out with friends from now? i mean we could still go for a movie, bowling and stargazing. but you know.

annieways, i can’t say how strictly they are enforcing the rule at the moment but i just wanted to share my favourite shisha bars in bangkok before it’s too late and before they decide to announce more of these outrageous ‘crackdowns’.



8 thoughts on “sib’s favourite shisha bars in bangkok

  1. Oh Annie, those Shisha bars they are a real threat to social order and national unity – just far too dangerous in the new national order ! Great post, loved your writing and photos. Great job !


    1. I know right? A total threat! I’m just so sad :( I’m pretty sure they have better things to ‘crackdown’ on other than shishas don’t you think?? Anyways thank you for your sweet words Daniel really appreciate it :)


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