how i spent my weekend


once again, the week has gone by so fast. way too fast.

on saturday i attended a workshop held by bangkok writers workshops. it was great. got lots of inspiration in how we could overcome our obstacles in writing and which i thought could equally be applied in our everyday lives as well. sometimes you just gotta get back to the basics. refresh. and start new. you know?

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then we went to see 22 jump street. we normally don’t go for comedy films in theatres but we had some time to kill and the reviews seemed pretty promising so we went ahead with it. i mean how bad can it be when channing tatum is in it right? ladies? the movie was good though – pretty funny without trying so hard.

then in the evening we went to check out jj green night market which is definitely a place for boho/antique/vintage collectors. i wanted to check out some antique decors for my room but i didn’t realise these things can be quite pricey. they’re like really old stuff so aren’t they supposed to be really cheap? it was a lot of fun though, walking around and checking out items that we can only see in films.

IMG_8875 copyIMG_8851 copyProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_8892 copyi started my day at six in the morning and got home around midnight so i can say it was a pretty damn long day. please excuse me munching on a whole chocolate bar. i just had to refuel myself.


it was a rather uneventful day. woke up around ten in the morning. made myself a quick breakfast. caught up with some youtube videos. made myself somewhat presentable. headed out to a starbucks to get some stuff done. consumed a gazillion calories drink – tiramisu frappuccino. had my ritual sunday dinner at mk. went and grabbed another cup of coffee at au bon pain. and back to mi casa.

i’m having one of those days when you have so much in your mind you just want to leave it all behind and go somewhere nobodies you. maybe spain. i’m thinking spain. sevilla perhaps. go continue my spanish course. yeah, maybe i’ll go to spain.
IMG_8897 copyProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

how was your weekend?



17 thoughts on “how i spent my weekend

  1. Great photos, and lovely writing. Many thanks for sharing with us. I was interested by your comment about antiques “they’re like really old stuff so aren’t they supposed to be really cheap?” LOL ! it’s the exact opposite in Europe, and I guess it’s getting that way in BKK. Keep writing Annie, and enjoy life !


    1. hi daniel! oh really? i didn’t know! i thought since it’s second hand and all… I assumed it to be that way hehe my bad! i only got into antique stuff as of lately and was surprised how expensive it is everywhere! thanks again and have a great day! :)<3


  2. yeah. antiques are supposed to be expensive. because it’s something not readily available. i guess only people who can relate to those things are the ones buying them. like o ur grandparents. :)


    1. hi kaks! my bad! i always thought it’s old, second hand and all.. so i only assumed it that way! hehehe i guess i’ll just head over to my grandparents place… and take some of their stuff HAH :p


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