[bkk] a place that smells like freshly ground heaven – ceresia coffee roasters


“as a specialty coffee roaster it falls to us to help the coffee bean tell the story of it’s origin to the coffee drinker.”

i came across this quote awhile back on pinterest and it definitely sums up what ceresia is and stands for. it sums up so well that i don’t think i even need to continue to write more for this post. but no, i am going to anyway :P

IMG_8559 copy

ceresia coffee roaster is an underrated coffee shop located right across fuji supermarket in sukhumvit soi 33/1.

just a quick fyi, this entire alley is japan. it’s not the consulate or anything but like, it’s their land. they got japanese restaurants, japanese supermarket, japanese bakery, japanese bookshop, japanese golf shop, japanese cosmetic shop… ok you get the picture. BUT the odd thing here is that in the midst of this colonized alley heavily packed with japanese moms, there’s like this really popular british pub. also an irish pub. and ceresia. which is owned by a venezuelan family.

IMG_8558 copy

always greeted with ‘sawadeeka’ with a bright smile on her face. everyone here seems so genuine and kind :)

IMG_8821 copyIMG_8825 copyIMG_8828 copy

out of all, this has got to be my favourite. fazenda vale verde from brazil.

sweetness of sugar cane with apricot, milk chocolate and toffee notes, with a hint of apricot, rounded mouthfeel, mellow acidity, well balance.

IMG_8827 copyIMG_8829 copyIMG_8563 copyIMG_8561 copyIMG_8560 copyIMG_8568 copyIMG_8566 copy

they roast the beans themselves (and in small batches in order to maintain it’s signature flavours) and if i’m not mistaken they are one of the single origin coffee bean distributers to other cafes around bangkok as well. though the interior is nothing too fancy, you know if they have wood and brick, i’m all for it.

i feel like ceresia is one of the rare cafes in bangkok where they aren’t trying to draw customers with their photogenic interiors and good looking bad coffees but instead with real, authentic and excellent cup of coffee. coupled with excellent service.

i go grocery shopping at fuji supermarket every week. and when the day comes i purposely withhold my coffee intake before so that i can have my cup of joe here. yep, that’s how much i love it!




15 thoughts on “[bkk] a place that smells like freshly ground heaven – ceresia coffee roasters

  1. I love micro-roasters like this! In some sense, they seem to close up the distance between the coffee growers and the coffee drinkers. By emphasizing the importance of the origin of the beans (using the labels), it may seem like a marketing gimmick, but it can also be a genuine form of relationship from bean to bar. In Singapore, my favourite micro-roaster – Nylon Coffee Roasters, makes the effort to visit their suppliers every now and then, and they really roast each origin and batch differently to draw out the potential of the beans. I’ll definitely put ‘Ceresia Coffee Roasters’ on my list of to-visit places in BKK! Thanks for sharing once again!


    1. hiiiii WH! couldn’t agree with you more on how it ‘close up the distance between the coffee growers and the coffee drinkers’ ! once you know, you get to appreciate it a little more. :) Nylon Coffee Roasters – i’ll make sure to put that on my list of to-visit places in SG as well :P


    1. hiii lena! i read your post about how you grew up here! where do you live now? :) yes thonglor area that connects through sukhumvit 49 and 39 is another japanese dominated area. so many lovely eateries though!


            1. aww thank you! i’m still learning though :) love looking at the different unique styles you put together! keep up the awesome work and keep in touch lena xx


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