[bkk] lovin’ it the street style – saew

as a foreigner who’s not used to the street vendor style of eating in bangkok, these shops can look quite intimidating. is it good? is it hygienic? will i suffer from food poisoning next couple of days? how possibly can it be good when it’s so cheap?

i understand where it’s coming from though. these shops aren’t technically a street vendor but also not a proper restaurant in a sense that they aren’t air conditioned and the effort put into the interior (or exterior) is close to non-existent. not one of those places that tries to make a place look rusty and old but these places really are rusty and old. it looks as if they’ve torn down the walls of a really old house, put some plastic tables and chairs and decided to call it a restaurant. but guess what? these shops often offer the best food in the city.

IMG_8506 copy

i love me some good thai noodle (guay tiew) and saew (close to the entrance of sukhumvit 49) and rung reung (in the middle of soi sukhumvit 26) are my all time favourites and they are so similar in every way from look of the shop to taste of the noodles!

since i don’t have pictures to share for rung reung – you can check out my friend mitzie mee and her thoughts on it. even though the title kind of gives it away…:P)

IMG_8508 copy IMG_8517 copy

one thing with saew is though they take order in this piece of paper where you can choose the type of noodle, soup or dry, tomyum or not tomyum, etc. but if you can’t read thai just order it directly to the people as they speak decent english.

IMG_8513 copy IMG_8516 copy

oh this is my ultimate favourite. guay tiew sen lek tom yum haeng (not sure if the name goes in this particular order). just remember this and go try it! i swear these noodles take guay tiew to a whole new level. it’s so good that i used to think (and still do) they secretly add some kind of drugs to get people addicted to their noodle… seriously. like once i had it for lunch for weeks straight and never got bored of it. i’m pretty sure i can even go for months…

IMG_8518 copy

this is something they don’t have in rung reung – yen ta fo or pink noodle soup. it’s alright but i prefer the good old tomyum dried noodle better.

the portion might be a little too small even for a girl like myself so you need to have at least two bowls till you feel as little something in your tummy and i saw men who can eat up to ten+ so yeah what you call too much can be rather subjective here.

oh and the price (i believe it was around 50 baht a bowl) is so kind that be it two bowls or ten, it won’t even make a difference in your wallet.

IMG_8510 copy

the master chefs behind it all cooking up the magic!

they are opened from around eight in the morning to around three in the afternoon. make sure to avoid lunch hours if you don’t wanna wait in long (hot) line.. and since there are only so many seats you may be seated next to a total stranger. keep calm and eat your noodle.

highly recommend saew and rung reung for an excellent bowl of thai noodle with burst of flavours.



12 thoughts on “[bkk] lovin’ it the street style – saew

  1. Hi there, may I have your permission to feature a trimmed part of your post in our site? More specifically about the sen lek tom yum haeng you had. I will add in your blog post link to the feature. Hope to hear from you soon!

    By the way was it at saew or rung reung that you had the sen lek tom yum haeng?


  2. Those noodles look so good! I must visit Saew next time I’m in Bangkok. Thank you for all your wonderful restaurant recommendations! Btw. I’ve heard that the pink noodles have pork blood added, is it true?


    1. it’s my pleasure! :) oh i think yen ta fo is just a sauce. but i believe this other noodle called ‘guay tiew nam tok’ has pig blood added in the soup… i remember i tried it long time ago and it had this really strong unique taste… of course i didn’t know the blood was added back then. :/ would you like to try it sanne? hehe


  3. Ahhh! There is nothing better than street vendor noodles in Bangkok. I am in Thailand right now and I am getting my share. I love guay tiew of any kind. Thanks for the great post and lovely pics!


    1. hiii samethread! are you here travelling? please do try all the great food they have! :) you can always ask me if you have any questions about anything in the city! have fun!


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