[boracay] inhale paradise, exhale reality

SAM_4569 copy SAM_4574 copy

this is kinda like the second part of my trip to boracay, everything outside the beautiful resort i stayed in. so there’s no direct flight to boracay so you have to get on a different flight to kalibo or caticlan – the closest airport to the island. and then take the speedboat in.

SAM_4570 copy

then you get on one of these to the beach area.

SAM_4595 copy

oh all that fuss. but trust me, it’s totally gonna be worth it.

20130315_154245 copySAM_4610 copy SAM_4628 copy SAM_4601 copy SAM_4605 copy

my innate desire to try new and exciting places tend to climax when i’m travelling because i know i only have so much time. jonah’s fruit shake & snack bar, known for their fruit shakes, was one of the recommendations that had lots of positive reviews by fellow travellers. but to be frank, i didn’t think it was much different than what we can get off the streets in bangkok. but hey, maybe it’s the view that counts right? ;)

20130316_100956(0) copy

cos every girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

20130316_104858 copy

even better, the fifty shades of blue!

SAM_4667 copy

this was another highly recommended place – real coffee. it’s one of those places that makes you feel at home and have i stayed longer i know i’ll be here everyday for my brunch fix. plus it’s right off the beach. morning cup of coffee and brunch with a sea view? YES PLEASE!

SAM_4672 copy

tuna melt. yum yum.

SAM_4673 copy

tadaaa- the legendary calamansi muffin with real coffee! i knew right then that this was the reason we were sent here to boracay.

SAM_4589 copy SAM_4632 copy 20130315_175006 copy 20130316_232604_LLS copy

“when in rome, do as the romans do.”

20130315_214305_LLS copy

*warning* cuteness overload. look at this cute pups with sand on his nose! arghhh #idie.

20130316_221633 copy

you know how i said unless you’ve tried the signature banana milk you can’t say you’ve been to korea? well, this is like that of the philippines – halo halo! no, i’m not greeting you. that’s the name. halo-halo. it’s a very popular filipino dessert with shaved ice, evaporated milk, ice cream, fruits, jello, sweet beans, etc. reminded me a lot of bingsu.

20130317_164126 copy

the sad part about travel, i’m sure all my fellow travellers can relate, is that it’s bound to come to an end sooner or later. as much as we didn’t want to go back, reality was waiting for us back home. so in hopes to prolong our trip even by bit and to see a little more of the philippines we went to the mall of asia near central business park (i believe it was the closet mall to the airport).

we shopped around a bit and decided that it was only acceptable to end our trip with something we didn’t have back at home in bangkok. t.g.i. fridays!

20130317_144300 copy 20130317_151458 copy

i don’t even remember the name of the food i got but all i remember is that my stomach died of all that cheese.

20130317_074927 copy copy

annieways, this post is slightly outdated but it’s better than never, right? teehee. maraming salamat philippines. hope to be back soon!




16 thoughts on “[boracay] inhale paradise, exhale reality

  1. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” << i love that quotes.. :))
    That beautyfull beach :' and i want to try melt tuna and that calamansi muffin, what make the muffin diferent? And so sorry for my uninfluence english :))


    1. hii aldilaas thanks for dropping by :) it’s one of my favourite quotes too! and you’ll have to try the muffin yourself to know the difference hehe :P and no, your english is fine! it’s not my first language as well so don’t worry :)


      1. Ah I love the Korean version! I’ve never had the original one as I’ve never been to Korea (but hoping to visit next Spring). There’s this place called Tous Les Jour in New York that has green tea flavored shaved ice. If you ever have a chance to stop it’s got a good selection of bingsu (though a tad Americanized) :) – Lena


  2. Beautiful photos of Boracay! I’ve only been once and that was in 2007 so it was awhile ago! I’ll be heading to the Philippines next year in February and have been debating whether or not to go to Boracay! You might have convinced me since it looks like you had an amazing time!


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