iherb review no. 2

hi ladies and gents! about an year ago i placed my first ever order on iherb (you can see the unboxing here) and i was more than impressed by their fast shipping and also the quality of the products.

their mission statement goes..

“providing the best overall value for natural products through e-simplicity”

and it is exactly that. very user friendly with no fuss navigating around and placing an order whatsoever! it ships out from the u.s. and it only took about 4 days to get to my frontdoor. one thing though is that last time i tried to place an order in thailand it didn’t work. whether it was due to the custom regulation or what not. so all the purchases i made were done in seoul while i was visiting.

IMG_8803 copy

iherb carries extensive variety of brands of items ranging from pet-related stuff to nutritional supplements. all focused on natural and eco-friendly products. always keep in mind that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

the products i’m about to mention are my absolute favourites that i find myself repurchasing it over and over again.

IMG_8806 copy

as you can see i’m kind of obsessed with queen helene’s face masks. the oh-so-famous mint julep masque has gone through some major make over and apparently the packaging looks like this now. i’m sure many of you have heard people rave about this product for some time now – it’s the ideal face mask for acne prone/oily skin types. it’s dries out existing acnes, extract impurities from pores and it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and tightened afterwards. it’s my favourite of all three. on the other hand the other two mud pack masque and grape seed extract peel off masque doesn’t seem to do much for my skin. and grape seed one burns my eyes when i apply it.

IMG_8812 copy

first of all, this thayers toner is huuuuge and i love it. they have about nine different scents and i think i’ve tried about four of them so far and my favourite is the rose petal scent. it smells oh so lovely and feminine. it’s also alcohol-free so it’s very gentle on your skin leaving it soft and moisturised. i’ve used tonnns of toners before, many acne treatment products, but i gotta say this toner played a huge role in clearing out my skin and made me realise that even if you are acne-prone you shouldn’t only limit yourself to using oil-free or acne products because that may end up over-drying your skin, causing it to break out even more.

IMG_8816 copy

alongside thayer toners i mentioned above, these two are my holy grail skin care items. nelson bach usa, pure & clear, acne treatment gel is one of the most effective acne gels i’ve ever tried. i swear by this product and if i run out i start to have anxiety attacks. yeah, it’s that good. now that i don’t get much acne like i used to, i only use it for a spot treatment or when i feel like one is about to come. home health, blemish treatment lotion is a great salicylic acid acne medication. it depends on your skin type but salicylic acid seems to work well with my skin type. after washing my face i just apply this all over my face with the palms of my hand. it feels like it dries up the oil and acnes from inside out. works like a charm.

that big, green leaf chunky looking thing is a mascara that i got and been loving ever since i watched glamlifeguru rave about it countless times. it’s the physician’s formula, inc., organic wear, jumbo lash mascara. it’s 100% natural and organic with huge and volumising recyclable eco brush – just what you want to be putting on your face, especially around your eyes. don’t you underestimate organic products, it still does an excellent job at creating big, thick and dramatic lashes!

one product that i forgot to take picture of but been one of the most repurchased items is this gentle cover green concealer stick by physician’s formula. this product is totally underrated. if you have blemishes from post-acne scars and what not, apply this before your foundation/bb cream step and it will drastically decrease the appearance of redness in your skin as green counteracts red.

IMG_8813 copy

first of all let me tell you i have very sensitive skin so anything that doesn’t break my skin out, is a good product. these were my latest purchases nutribiotic skin cleanser and the african black soap.

first i gotta say nutribiotic cleanser is very similar to cetaphil cleanser in its’ consistency and effectiveness. very gentle on the skin and not too overpowering. and the ingredients used in african black soap they say has been used in africa for centuries to cure acne and oily skin. though these products may take time to show results, like i said, anything that doesn’t break me out is a nice product so they both are definitely on my good side ;)

other than the products mentioned above, we (me and my family) order tonss of supplements and other miscellaneous products from iherb. it’s one of the rare websites that we trust to provide good quality products that are also very affordable. not to mention the effortless process of placing an order and the fast shipping!




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