“hello my friend, i am cup a”

before you presume anything, let me just inform you that the title of this post is only, merely, simply referring to the place i’m about to talk about.

IMG_9245 copy

sooo, it’s been a while since the sun was up and shining in bangkok. as many of you may or may not know, thailand’s in its’ rainy season at the moment and the weather’s been pretty depressing. so i thought, what better way to brighten up the day than with a froyo?

IMG_8317 copy

many cups, a low fat frozen yogurt ice cream shop, has two branches in town and this is the one in k-village, sukhumvit 26.

IMG_8318 copy

to be honest, this sign is what caught my attention before anything else that led me to trying out the place in the first place. anywhere that’s dog-friendly already has my heart.

IMG_9376 copy IMG_8322 copy IMG_8325 copy

look at the variety of flavours! dark chocolate, banana and peach & passionfruit are my favourites!

IMG_8327 copy IMG_9314 copy

i like to make mine extra colourful. it makes me happy :) anyone with me?

IMG_8321 copy IMG_8340 copy IMG_8329 copy IMG_9365 copy IMG_9358 copy

annnd this is what i was referring to. you see, nothing to do with my physical size of any parts. i swear.

IMG_9395 copyIMG_9391 copy

this place definitely gives out happy vibe (much needed with this depressing weather) and i’m definitely coming back with my fur babies next time!

hope everyone is having a wonderful fri-yay!




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