autumn in my heart

sure, there are perks living in a tropical country where it’s hot and sunny all year round. but sometimes, just sometimes, you wish there was a distinctive seasonal changes so that you can wear your knitted sweaters, cozy scarves and cute little uggs. but sadly, that’s not likely to happen in thailand anytime soon.

but fyi, thailand do get really chilly around december to january. like really really chilly. at one point last year, the weather was down to below 20 celsius. i know that’s like the warm/perfect weather for many other countries but for thailand we all thought the world was literally coming to an end.

IMG_9453 copy IMG_9459 copy IMG_9462 copy

but who said you can’t play autumn in a tropical country? i’ve been on a lookout for a dark red slash burgundy lipstick for a while. something that isn’t too red or vampy.

when i saw the matte lipstick collection in colour ‘fabulous fig’ at a revlon counter i got it without a second thought. not only did i love how it looked on my lips, it was super affordable. i got mine on a sale for 104 baht to be very exact – which is like 3 dollars. cray, i know.

IMG_9568 copy

with the burgundy lipstick on, my heart was all set for autumn that will never come.

i still went ahead and put on my cozy little sweater that i got from korea a while back. but paired it with white shorts so people won’t think i’m crazy. and opted out for a pair of flats instead of uggs.

IMG_9583 copy IMG_9625 copy

i love how this sweater can be worn two ways. both as a sweater and a cardigan. and it’s so soft and fluffyyyy.

oh, and i have a random question for everyone. i know that pumpkin spice latte is the drink of fall in many parts of the world (which i would love to try one day) but starbucks in thailand don’t carry that seasonal drink. but they recently came out with two not-so-creative drinks: dark caramel latte and french vanilla latte. which i’m pretty sure they just added the word ‘dark’ and ‘french’ to their caramel and vanilla lattes.

i wonder, what are the fall seasonal drinks in your local starbucks?




35 thoughts on “autumn in my heart

  1. The Starbucks drink my boyfriend and I share special memories of fall is the Carmel Apple spice. Yes, they may have it all year long, but I holds a special place in our hearts when the cooler weather blows in. :) <3

    Looking gorgeous in your dress, too!


    1. hii jen! aw, you’re too sweet! and whaaaat. caramel apple spice sounds as amazing as pumpkin spice! why don’t they have those drinks here i don’t understand. :(


  2. Oh man….just the mention of autumn makes me a lil teary eyed that I now live in a country where its eternally summer. I think the KL Starbucks has the same fall menu as Thailand, but if you ever do get a chance to go where they have the pumpkin spiced latte you have to try it! It is my favorite seasonal drink on the SB menu!


    1. hahaha! i totally understand what you’re going through. this was my desperate attempt to recreate the sense of autumn lol. now that you say, i really must take a trip to wherever that carries pumpkin spiced latte. solely for that.


  3. O would definitely love living in a place that the the coldest weather is about 20 celsius. Or at least where I could order something on Starbucks, ’cause here in my state we don’t have haha :( so I can’t answer your question but your new lipstick is amazing!


      1. actually I’m from Brazil, a state called Rio Grande do Sul, one of the coldest here…and yes, there is autumns but it’s way too cold for me to enjoy it haha


    1. aw you’re too sweet! living in a country where they have cool/cold weather must be so nice. sometimes you just wanna change up your summer wardrobe you know? :( haha. have a good day!


    1. hii sanne! believe it or not, my friend once wore uggs (yes, in thailand) when it went down to about 20 c here. HAH! sometimes we all can get a little desperate… lol thank you! :)


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