feeling blue

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do you have one of those days you feel so unmotivated to do anything and you start to wonder what the purpose of your existence in this planet earth is? well, i was having one of those days. the question is still left unanswered but i surely feel better now.

i mean if pizza and desserts can’t brighten up our dull, mundane lives.. what else can?




37 thoughts on “feeling blue

    1. hii mikayla! aw, thanks for your kind words :) you’re right.. these days only come and go and we should totally have more pizza in our lives to make ourselves feel better! teehee :P


    1. hii leeeeena!! thank you for your lovely words! i went to try this new place called royal sugar in mega bangna. it wasn’t all that great but the pizza definitely was!


  1. When I’m feelin’ blue
    All I have to do is take a look at you
    Then I’m not so blue
    When you’re close to me
    I can feel you heart beat
    I can hear you breathing in my ear

    (Song by Phil Collins came to my mind when I read your post :)


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