my morning routine

feliz domingo everybody!

it’s been a very hectic week for me but sundays are meant to be fundays right? i try to work out every morning even if it’s a quick thirty-minute run but sometimes i don’t have the time and most of the times i don’t have the motivation.

but i gotta admit, nothing feels better than a day started with a good workout. cos they say sweat is just your fat crying. in that case.. cry me a river!

IMG_9855 copy

please don’t laugh, it was the only pair of socks i could find.

IMG_9856 copy IMG_9868 copy IMG_9887 copy IMG_9889 copy

after a good run, i love me some good breakfast. littlest things like having my morning cup of coffee at a cafe near home, as i watch other people going on about their sunday lives, gives me joy. i may have a slightly creepy alter ego cos i can sit with my coffee and people-watch all day long if i had to.

and oh, congratulations to north korean weightlifter om yun chol for setting the world record last night! do you guys keep up with the asian games?



28 thoughts on “my morning routine

  1. I’m totally with you on that people-watching thing. That’s the reason why you go to cafes, isn’t it? :) I really need to work out too, my fat has been completely devastated for a while:)


    1. hii sanne! :) i guess we all have a lil bit of creep in us? hahah. i think it’s the getting-our-bottoms-out-to-the-gym that’s the most difficult part not so much the workout itself. haha we need to get in shape so we can eat more of the yums!


  2. Love your pictures Annie! I like how they have a very exquisite vintage effect. What camera do you use? Also I have the same Prada continental flap wallet. The Ruoco color too! Hope you’re having a great evening in the Land of Smiles :) – Lena


    1. hii lena!! :) i use my simple canon g15. i really love YOUR photos though! been wanting to ask you what camera you use as well. cos i’m thinking to switch up in the near future. and i’m soooo clueless about cameras and lenses. haha :) yay wallet buddies! they’re like the perfect size don’t you think? not too bulky and not too small. hope you’re having a good day! xx


      1. I have just come back after 2 years in UK so am planning on staying a while unless I get bored/fed up living here but I have just moved to Bangkok so I cant see that happening ;) x


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