it was all pjs and lattes until..

IMG_9923 copyIMG_9893 copy

it was one of those typical-day-turned-disaster kind of day. so here is how it went down… i got up, went to the gym, put on my lazy day pjs-but-not-really outfit (you can tell i was expecting a very ordinary day) with my sluggish oversized bag that fits basically all my daily essentials and headed to starbucks near home.

IMG_9931 copy IMG_9940 copy

then i consumed a ten-thousand calories dark french vanilla latte while studying for my thai test. i made plans with my friends to meet up after my class to catch up over dinner.

so it was after class. normally bangkok’s traffic is pretty horrible but surprisingly it wasn’t this evening. of course i was feeling good on this rare occasion, minding my own business driving to dinner when this bmw decides to pop out from a side alley smashing right into my car. out of nowhere.

fortunately no one was hurt. we both came out of our cars and was waiting for the insurance people to arrive. in the meantime the other driver kept on trying to blame me that i was driving too fast, this and that, blah blah. but even his own insurance guy told him that it was his fault, not mine. (whoever said men are better drivers than women.. pssh!)

obviously i was pretty pissed off at this point. this was the second accident of the month! first was in a one-way, single-lane alley where i was, again, minding my own business when this motorcycle tries to pass me by squeezing himself (a man, again) between my car and a wall in this very tiny alley that could barely fit one car, leaving me with a fugly dent and a scratch. then of course today happened. urgh.

so after an hour-ish time everything was sorted. i was starving by then and i couldn’t care less about my car. all i could think about was what i’m gonna have for dinner. and i felt like i needed some amazing thai to let off my steam. and here is how the dinner went…

IMG_3012 copy

tom yum kung.

IMG_3013 copy

yum woon sen (spicy thai glass noodle salad).

IMG_3015 copy

kung kratiam (stir-fried shrimp with garlic – my fave!)

IMG_3016 copy

pad krapao moosab (stir-fried minced pork with basil).

IMG_3019 copy

kor moo yang (grilled pork neck).

IMG_3020 copy

kao pad kung (shrimp fried rice).

IMG_3021 copy

pad-see-ew (stir-fried seafood noodle in soy sauce).

yes, our hungry-selves went kinda overboard but oh.. dinner was so good. even better after such a shitty incident. my day was supposed to go smoothly without the whole chunk in between but i guess this is life. i should’ve known something was up when bangkok traffic seemed too good to be true.




52 thoughts on “it was all pjs and lattes until..

  1. Omg! It baffles me how some people even manage to get their licence! At least everyone was all right, thats good news! Food looks delish btw, especially the stir-fried shrimp with garlic, oh I want some now! :)


  2. Hi Annie! I’m sorry to hear about your accident but I’m glad you’re safe! I never had the guts to drive in Bangkok since I’m so scared of running into other cars, motorcycle, tricycles, you name it. On a good note, the food looks amazing! What restaurant did you go? As always, I love your pictures and how they relay a story so well with your writing :) – Lena


    1. hii lenaaaaa!! oh i swear to god i killed those motorcycle drivers in my head over billion times since i started driving here. and thank you! the dinner was at kalapapreuk. i’m sure you had it many times when you were still living here? :)


      1. Hi Annie! Sadly I’ve never been there before, but would love to check it out when visit. We should hang out when I’m in town. Might go back in December (an emphasis on “maybe” cuz of my hectic schedule), but if so would love to chill and do a collaboration together maybe? :)


      1. Yeeeep, especially male drivers! Sheesh.

        Good thing you had all that amazing food to comfort you! Yes, I tried most of those things. Pad-see-ew is one of my favorite foods in the world! :)


  3. Accidents are so awful, especially when something happens that you have no control over. Thank goodness you’re ok though!

    BTW: All of those food photos are mouth-watering!

    Sheryl xx


  4. omigosh – glad you are safe. I love thai food! it’s easier to access as compared to malay food here in Vancouver and it reminds me of home :)


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