[bkk] midnight junk-run to carl’s jr.

IMG_9953 copy

do you sometimes browse through blogs, instagram and pinterst in the middle of the night when you come across a picture of some scrumptious, juicy lookin’ burgers and fries and you feel like you would do anything to have some right there and then?

it happens to me quite often and sometimes (like this particular day) it gets a little too hard to control, so for my own mental and (not so much) physical good i headed over to carl’s jr.

IMG_9959 copy IMG_9963 copy

i’m not really the one to go for junk food in the middle of the night let alone with a strawberry milkshake but.. you know, sometimes cravings get the best of you.

IMG_9979 copy IMG_9964 copy

but i know for sure that if heaven existed, there would be pools filled with these crisscut fries topped with shredded cheese, jalapeno and santa fe sauce for everyone. oh la laaa.

IMG_9966 copy

portobello mushroom burger.

as always, i felt really bad afterwards but i swear i heard a voice in my head telling me i needed it. but boy were those fries amazing.. i love anything with cheese and jalapeños but this was to a whole new level.

it’s almost midnight here in bangkok right now. i really shouldn’t be looking at those fries at this time but i just can’t take my eyes off them. normally i wouldn’t write up a post after going to, say, a mc donald’s or a burger king, but those fries were so. good. i just thought i’d share and maybe inflict a little bit of the pain i’m going through as i type up this post.

joking aside, i hope everyone is having a good night or a good morning – i better go force myself to bed and maybe i can dream about drowning in the pool full of fries. oh yes.



36 thoughts on “[bkk] midnight junk-run to carl’s jr.

  1. ((: I relate to this post so much! When a craving is so strong it’s a real battle! And ditto, after eating all the junk I would tell myself “never again” but find myself doing it all over again! ((: I just did again last night-another twister fries from McDonalds!!! :D
    Carl’s Jr there in BKK looks nice huh! We don’t have here in the Philippines anymore. I guess it didn’t sell like the other fast food chains.


    1. oh that’s exactly what i told myself but idk how much longer i can withhold it. fast food is like a drug. the more you have, the more you want! hahaha, carl’s jr is fairly new in bkk. it’s only been here for a year-ish i think? who knows.. maybe it’ll be gone sooner or later. more the reason for me to enjoy while it lasts, right? teehee :P


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