a match made in heaven

i admit i’m a granny twenty-something. i would always choose comfort food over night outs and cozy bed over clubs. i feel like i no longer have the energy to be out there and about, you know? those were only fun when you were in high school when doing all the wrong things seemed so much fun (like.. making a fake id at khaosan to get into clubs even though you and your friends totally look fifteen.)

IMG_0094 copyIMG_0096 copy IMG_0083 copy IMG_0119 copy IMG_0139 copy

waiting for la madre…

IMG_0147 copy IMG_0153 copy IMG_0159 copy

does anyone else think these two right there are a match made in heaven? seriously! black coffee and original glazed go oh-so-well together. give me a dozen of those and a black coffee; i swear i could have them at one go. but then again.. i would hate myself for doing that.

IMG_0182 copy IMG_0201 copy

and here comes my favourite place to be in the whole wide world. mk! mk is one of the most (if not the most) popular suki restaurants in thailand. they have normal mk branches as well as ‘mk gold’ where it differs in service, quality and ambiance.

it’s been our family tradition to dine at mk gold (soi ekamai) every week. sometimes even twice a week. if you’re ever in thailand definitely put this on your to-eat list, it’s not to be missed! i always bring my relatives, friends and visitors from other parts of the world to eat mk when they visit. and with no exception, everyone loves it.

IMG_0204 copy IMG_0205 copy

i’ve just taken a nice cold shower (that’s a lie – i can’t take cold showers) and now munching on reese’s peanut butter cup while writing up this post.

how was your friday?


37 thoughts on “a match made in heaven

  1. MK Suki was my favorite restaurant in Bangkok, and yes I would go to the one on Ekamai too! Do they still have the major cineplex next to it? I used to go to the gym there for yoga. Cute outfit Annie, and I love that Tory Burch bag :) Does she have her boutique in Bangkok now? :)

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    1. hii lena! oh yes they still have major cineplex! but i think the old gym is gone. was it california wow? now there’s this new gym.. haha and thank you you’re so sweet! tory burch has several boutiques opened in bangkok now :)


  2. I am so the same! I’m almost 22 and I don’t like partying, clubbing or any of those things, I too prefer to stay in, watch movies on the couch, have a girls night in or just appreciate my sleep! Haha

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  3. That meal looked delicious! Ok, two things:
    1. Grannys unite. My dream Saturday night consists of Scrabble and sushi with friends with some quality wine, a far cry from bumping/grinding with randos in the club.
    2. I love your shoes! That whole outfit was kind of perfect, down to the manicure.

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. granny hahahhaha it’s so true! I’m 27 and I’ve preferred books and movies and comfort food and BED over hanging out in crowded places since I hit puberty. Oh wait… that makes me a granny from the start, then… LOL

    it’s no longer weekend, so, have great weekdays ahead! *grins*


    1. hahaha! i’m so glad to know i’m not the only (sort of) young granny out there. we should totally make a group or something ;) you too have an amazing week yanti!!


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